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Golf Section - Spring Meeting:

It was one of the best days of spring so far, warmish, with some sunshine, only one shower for 3 holes on the back 9, and it was probably the driest course we had all played on this year so far. A good turnout of 12 players saw Ted Cox win with 38 points, closely followed by Dave Howson on 36 and Richard Rivron on 35.

It was a good golfing day overall with most players scoring 30+ points.

We look forward to seeing people for the July school match and the October Autumn match.

Any Briggensian wishing to play in the future should contact David Harness

Briggensians Dinner 2018

There were 95 Briggensians booked into Elsham for the annual reunion before the weather intervened bringing snow and ice.

This prevented 10 members from reaching Elsham including the main speaker. Fortunately the Headteacher, Mr Rob Biglands, was able to expand his address and introduce the "our Place in Time" project which will be reported separately.

Members enjoyed a splendid meal and were able to take advantage of a little extra time to renew old friendships and bring their contacts up to date.

2019 marks 350 years since the Grammar School was founded and 100 years in the Girls' High School was formed so events will be a little different next year as we coordinate activities with the school in a joint celebration.

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Briggensians 50-year reunion

The group of Briggensians returning after 50 years since they started at Brigg Grammar School were welcomed back to the hallowed portals by the Headteacher, Mr Rob Biglands and Tom Nelthorpe.

They were given freedom to visit their old classrooms and laboratories plus the boarding house. This invoked many fond memories and stories of staff, other contemporaries and school days.

There was also an opportunity to see the plans and visualise the "Our Place in Time" project that is being launched to celebrate the 2019 anniversaries.

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Calling all those who were the 1961 intake at BGS or BGHS.

Especially to all those who left in 1968 the ideal way to celebrate the special 50 years anniversary would be to attend the Annual Dinner on Saturday, 17th March 2018.

Nev' Miller (neville.miller032@sympatico.ca) is organising this fantastic reunion and get-together and if you would be interested in attending such an event or want to know more, then do contact him.

He's already unearthed a few names from the past via LinkedIn etc. but has lost touch with several such as David Hall (Abs) despite having spoken with him in 2009 when they staged a Baysgarth reunion.

Apologies that this is a 'boy's picture' but you could send me others and I will publish them.

Please do email Nev' even if you cannot attend this reunion in 2018 as there may be others that are more suitable.

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